Postural Restoration

Neurosomatic Therapy is a manual therapy that analyzes posture to pinpoint the source of distortional pain and dysfunction. A clear observation of distortion of form and function of postural asymmetry provides clues from head to toe; a whole body approach. 80 plus measurements of reliable bony landmarks are taken in 3 planes while standing, sitting and lying and then charted. This shows distortional patterns whether standing sitting or laying down. Gait, movement and range of motion are also observed. Therapy is applied by hand for releasing the body's soft tissue and visceral stresses that could be pulling the body out of alignment. Applying physiological exercise returns balance in movement; kinesthetics and a better range of motion are achieved. With better alignment follows better form and function. Postural stressors are relived. A few of the many conditions that are relieved by this therapy are back or neck pain from any source including whiplash and scoliotic patterns; shoulder, knee or hip disorders and even bowel or bladder issues. 

The foundational education comes from Center for Neurosomatic Studies with continued clinical application at the St.John-Clark Pain Treatment Center.