Conditions or Symptoms

With the application of these modalities the list of conditions or symptoms effectively treated could exhaustive. Whether you are recovering from a recent acute traumatic event, or dealing with chronic long standing symptoms or those that are just not responding from other therapy's, these methods can help. If the goal is rehabilitation and restoration, or health and fitness to improving athletic performance please consider this modality. We can reduce internal stress to enhance feelings of relaxation to balance the para-sympathetic and sympathetic divisions of the nervous system to coordinate function and form in the only body you have. 

Some chronic pain symptoms associated with imbalance:

abdominal discomfort, acl tears, achilles tendonitis, adhesions- organ, muscular or fascia, ankle sprain and strain, ankylosing spondolitis, anxiety, apnea, arthritis, back pain, balance, blood flow, carpal tunnel syndrome, celulitis, cervicalgia, circulation, chronic fatigue syndrome, costochondritits, dystonia, energy, elbow- golfers or tennis, facial pain, neuralgia or tics, fibromyalgia, flexibility issues, foot and heel pain, gait and balance issues, headache, hernia and hip pain, immune system/lymph issues, inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, joint pain, lumbago, knee pains, mandibular neuritis, metatarsalgia, migraine, muscle aches and pains, neck pain, pelvic pain, peripheral neuropathy, plantar fasciitis proprioception issues, ptsd,  thoracalgia, radiculopathy, restless leg, rotator cuff, sciatica, scoliosis, shin splints, shoulder pain, sleep issues, sprains, stenosis, strength loss, stroke, temporomandibular joint disorder, tendonitis, thyroid issues, teeth and bite/occlusion, tone throughout the body, visceral/organ issues, vision issues, weight balancing, whiplash

Some disease symptoms associated with imbalance:

circulation problems, cold hands and feet, excessive bloating and menstrual cramps, IBS/constipation/ digestive problems, heart disease and diabetes, infertility, low energy and fatigue, mood swings and hormonal issues, sexual dysfunction and libido issues