Applied Methods

Outcome Based Goals

Please refer below to a brief discussion of each the following techniques and some of the conditions that can be effectively worked on; they are numerous. Each method/technique enjoy ample clinical efficacy as well as published research. I am certified in each where certification is available. These modalities have found a home in rehabilitation centers, college and professional sports teams and even in veterinary practices where placebo effects are not observed.

It has been recognized that "Stress when unremitting or chronic is the cause of over 90% of all illnesses." World Health Organization e.t. others. We work to change this stressed environment by inducing the body to be its own healer.   

A simple observation but with a complex effect was stated by gentleman named Albert Einstein, "The field is the sole governing agency of the particle". We, our mass are arranged particles or elements and energy fields. The atom of which we are made of, not one but many, is 99% space. This space is filled by fields (electro, magnetic, light, gravitational waves). All things are governed by laws and when the field resonates, the element or particle abides in intelligence or light and can therefore enhance our wellbeing.

Postural Restoration

Neurosomatic Therapy is a manual therapy that analyzes posture to pinpoint the source of distortional pain and dysfunction. A clear observation of distortion of form and function of postural asymmetry provides clues from head to toe; a whole body approach. 80 plus measurements of reliable bony landmarks are taken in 3 planes while standing, sitting and lying and are charted. This shows distortional patterns whether standing sitting or laying down. Gait, movement and range of motion are also observed. Therapy is applied by hand for releasing the body's soft tissue and visceral stresses that could be pulling the body out of alignment. Applying physiological exercise returns balance in movement; kinesthetics and a better range of motion are achieved. With better alignment follows better form and function. Structural stressors are relived. 

The foundational education comes from Center for Neurosomatic Studies with continued clinical application at the St.John-Clark Pain Treatment Center.

Cranial Release

Cranial Release Technique (CRT) is a hands on approach to releasing the body's inborn capacity to heal and regenerate itself. CRT works to restore cranial (22 skull bones) and the jaw (mandible) alignment, release internal dural and fascia stresses to allow proper nerve communication and vascular flow. CRT returns to the body it's Primary Respiratory Breathing mechanism. The internal dural membranes are very important in that they line, surround and invaginate every tissue in the body.  When the cranial bones are in alignment and moving with the breath, proper cerebrospinal fluid flow is facilitated. The CSF keeps the brain and spinal chord nourished, cleansed, protected and healthy. CRT is a global release to help restore normal function of the central and peripheral nervous system and assist proper balance to body structure. 

Please visit this site and watch the short video by Dr. Doreste, DC about CRT.

Bio-Neuromuscular Percussion

Bio-PULSER is a stroking technique of spastic muscle, similar to striking a drum head creating a vibrational resonant response from the muscle causing relaxation. These strokes or thrusts are percusssive movements of short duration designed to be compatible with the bio-logical recovery period of the nerve circuits, so that your nervous system can integrate the stimulation for muscular balance.

Focal Point Vibrational Release

Rapid Relief Technology is a hand held device that produces a form of high vibrational frequency that relaxes soft tissue conditions that may be caused by intra-muscular or inter-muscular scarring or adhesions. When applied to the body it triggers a wave like vibrational pattern in soft tissue effecting tonic relaxation thereby relieving contraction stress in tissue and muscles.  

Please visit this site for additional information and videos of how it works.

Neurostim Micro-current

The Dolphin Neurostim electrically locates and stimulates specific treatment points (motor, trigger, and acupuncture), which have been proven to help relieve many chronic pain syndromes. MPS (micro point stimulation) is a non-invasive micro-current system that transcutaneously (via the skin) communicates with the internal peripheral nervous and central nervous systems and key point meridian systems for the purpose of therapeutic intervention of pain and dysfunct. The brain (central nervous system) communicates with the rest of the body along the peripheral nerves via micro-currents (the body's language) and the meridian system (the body's energy pathways) and when this communication is restored a cascade of beneficial processes can take place. Including a resolution of pain and dysfunction. And a reduction in stress which is accomplished when the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system are in balance. 

Please visit this site for additional information.

Quantum Proton Vibration Align

Hi Energy Technology's hand held device emits white light wave frequency in the pico-tesla range to re-align vibration and movement of extremely small particles in the body; sub-atomic particles. This can encourage a change in the atom from chaotic vibration to harmonious vibration. In this harmonious state of alignment, the efficiency and quality of the atom is fundamentally enhanced. Stress is altered in a way that can allow the body to heal and function more efficiently. All matter benefits, including the human body, water, food stuffs, supplementation, plants and animals. 

Please visit the sites Hi Energy Wand tab and Technology tab for more information.

Quantum Magnetic Resonance

Magnesphere is a whole body immersion system that applies very precise, tissue specific, extremely low level electromagnetic field in the pico-tesla range to enhance feelings of relaxation. This can have an effect in the autonomic nervous system. The ANS is comprised of two internal systems: para-sympathetic- rest, relax, repair and sympathetic- fight or flight. We need them both, but those symptoms of chronic stress (high sympathetic tone) can affect rest, digestion, heart rate, inflammation and energy levels in a way that can challenge a healthy environment. This immersion can encourage improvement in your health and wellness by balancing the autonomic nervous system for a better quality of life.

Please visit this site for a short video presentation.

Whole Body Vibration

VibePlateis a stable stationary platform that produce's a vibration motion that is vertical; gravitational. Because of gravity, a mechanical wave of vertical motion enhances gravity. As gravity pushes us from the top or pulls from the bottom and we have ground reaction force, the plate gives us hits from the ground up. Simply, it provides micro hits of gravity that enhances the gravity that is already there. This is the form of good stress in order to create the clinical and training compression that we need to excite our nerves, to mobilize joints, to strengthen our muscles, to stimulate our bones, to regain proprioceptive balance and to enhance our function. 

You are welcome to visit the VibePlate site, it is rich with information about the benefits it can deliver.



Diet- food and hydration. We are what we consume. Your blood type has strengths and weaknesses. Susceptible to certain elements in foods and drinks. A blood type diet lets you zero in on the health and nutrition information that corresponds to your exact biological profile. Armed with this new information, you can now make choices about your diet, exercise regimen, and your general health that are based on the dynamic natural forces within your own body.

Hydration is important because the body is comprised mostly of water, and the proper balance between water and electrolytes in our bodies really determines how most of our bodily systems function, including nerves for communication and muscles for motor-vation. There is not one cell in the body that does not perform its function without water. Drinking fluids serves a range of purposes in our bodies, such as removing waste through urine, controlling body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure, and maintaining a healthy metabolism.

Internal stressors that are created from the food and drink we consume can be changed to food and drink that promote health, good function and longevity. 

Please visit this site for a wonderful explanation. A short video "5 Things" is at middle of page.


Electro-magnetic frequencies. There are two kinds: good ones that improve the bodies processes and bad ones which are indigestible to human, animal and most plant life. Our body, our mind, our being processes along electro-magnetic and gravitational-magnetic wave fields. We can control the bad ones that stress our wellbeing and enhance the good ones to encourage good health and a better quality of life.     

The site page mobile phone and house biology will inform you particularly about usage and electro-magnetic frequency and your health.

External/Internal Communication:

Mechano-receptors in the bottom of the feet can be stimulated to coordinate communication of the peripheral and central nervous system to integrate instantly enhanced postural stability and balance, improved mobility, increased energy and a decrease in pain naturally. Socks and insoles with a specific pattern woven into the material. What a novel simple idea with extraordinary results.   

Please visit the site for inspiring information.

Conditions and Symptoms

With the application of these modalities the list of conditions or symptoms effectively treated can be extensive. Whether you are recovering from a recent acute traumatic event, or dealing with chronic long standing symptoms or those that are just not responding from other therapy's, these methods can help. If the goal is rehabilitation and restoration, or health and fitness to improving athletic performance please consider this modality. We can reduce internal stress to enhance feelings of relaxation to balance the para-sympathetic and sympathetic divisions of the nervous system to coordinate function and form in the only body you have. Homeostasis is obtained.

Some chronic pain symptoms associated with imbalance:

abdominal discomfort, acl tears, achillestendonitis, adhesions- organ, muscular or fascia, ankle sprain and strain, ankylosing spondolitis, anxiety, apnea, arthritis, back pain, balance, blood flow, carpal tunnel syndrome, celulitis, cervicalgia, circulation, chronic fatigue syndrome, costochondritits, dystonia, energy, elbow- golfers or tennis, facial pain, neuralgia or tics, fibromyalgia, flexibility issues, foot and heel pain, gait and balance issues, headache, hernia and hip pain, immune system/lymph issues, inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome, joint pain, lumbago, knee pains, mandibular neuritis, metatarsalgia, migraine, muscle aches and pains, neck pain, pelvic pain, peripheral neuropathy, plantar fasciitis proprioception issues, ptsd, thoracalgia, radiculopathy, restless leg, rotator cuff, sciatica, scoliosis, shin splints, shoulder pain, sleep issues, sprains, stenosis, strength loss, stroke, temporomandibularjoint disorder, tendonitis, thyroid issues, teeth and bite/occlusion, tone throughout the body, visceral/organ issues, vision issues, weight balancing, whiplash

Some disease symptoms associated with imbalance:

circulation problems, cold hands and feet, excessive bloating and menstrual cramps, IBS/constipation/ digestive problems, heart disease and diabetes, infertility, low energy and fatigue, mood swings and hormonal issues, sexual dysfunction and libido issues

American Massage Therapy Associ

The American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) is the largest non-profit, professional association serving massage therapists, massage students and massage schools. It is the most trusted and respected name in massage therapy.

You are welcome to visit the site, and under research tab a substantial amount of information regard massage and health.