Applied Methods

More and Goals

Please refer to the More drop down arrow for brief discussion of each the following techniques and some of the conditions that can be effectively worked on. Each method/technique enjoy ample clinical efficacy as well as published research. I am certified in each where certification is available. Each has found a home in rehabilitation centers, college and professional sports teams and even in veterinary practices where placebo effects are not observed.

Stress when unremitting or chronic is the cause of over 90% of all illnesses. World Health Organization e.t. others. My work, our work is to change that in you. We may not be able to eliminate stress but we can work to reduce or eliminate the negative effects stress place in the body.

A simple observation but with a complex effect as stated by Albert Einstein, "The field is the sole governing agency of the particle". We, our mass are arranged particles or elements and energy fields. The atom of which we are made of, not one but many, is 99% space. This space is filled by fields (electro, magnetic, light, gravitational waves). All things are governed by laws and when the field resonates, the element or particle abides in intelligence or light and can therefore enhance our wellbeing.

Postural Restoration

Neurosomatic Therapy is a manual therapy that analyzes posture to pinpoint the source of distortional pain and dysfunction. Its work is an attempt to correct observed postural distortion by relieving stresses in soft tissue structures of the body. 

Cranial Release

Cranial Release Technique (CRT) is a hands on approach to releasing the body's inborn capacity to heal and regenerate itself. The postural position of the 22 bones of the head (cranium) and the jaw (mandible) and the very important dura that surrounds each structure has a global effect in connective tissue, muscular, nervous and vascular systems of the body.

Bio-Neuromuscular Percussion

Bio-PULSER is a stroking technique of spastic muscle, similar to striking a drum head creating a vibrational resonant response from the muscle causing relaxation.

Focal Point Vibrational Release

Rapid Relief Technology is a form of high vibrational frequency that relaxes painful soft tissue conditions that may be caused by intra-muscular or inter-muscular scarring or adhesions. 

Neurostim Micro-current

Dolphin Neurostim MPS (micro point stimulation) is a non-invasive micro-current system that transcutaneously (via the skin) communicates with the internal peripheral nervous and central nervous systems and key point meridian systems for the purpose of therapeutic intervention of pain and dysfunction. 

Quantum Proton Vibration Align

Euphoria's hand held device emits light waves in the pico-tesla frequency range to realign vibrational and movement patterns of extremely small (subatomic) particles in the body. Alignment enhances balance and performance.

Quantum Magnetic Resonance

Magnesphere is a whole body immersion system that applies very precise, extremely low level electromagnetic field in the pico-tesla frequency range to enhance feelings of relaxation. 

Whole Body Vibration

VibePlate is a stable stationary platform that produce's a vibration motion that is vertical or gravitational. This is a beneficial form of stress that enhance positive changes in the body and mind. 



Diet- food and hydration. We are what we consume. Your blood type has strengths and weaknesses. Susceptible to certain elements in foods and drinks. Stress in the gut contributes to stress throughout all bodily systems.


Electro-magnetic frequencies. There are two kinds: good ones that improve the bodies processes and bad ones which are indigestible to human, animal and most plant life. Stressing our electro-dynamic system can interrupt our internal communication. 


Proprioception is an automatic, or the unconscious perception of the body's recognition of where it or its parts are in space and their movement. A simple example is how your balance is when standing or walking; even with eyes open or closed. This seems a simple example and this system should always be on or functioning properly. However there are numerous ways this can be disrupted. Nervous system communications in the periphery and central systems coordinate this proprioception. We want this switched on.